The former store owners and operators of Chanel-Replica were found to be selling replica goods in violation of numerous Federal laws of the United States of America. A Court ordered the former owners to expeditiously transfer this domain name out of their ownership and control, coupled with being ordered damages to be paid of more than $756,000.00.

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Formerly at, knockoff Chanel handbags, watches, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings were offered for sale, wholesale and retail. "Hot replica handbags" were arranged in several categories, "Home," "Hot Jewelry," "New Jewelry," and "Recommended Jewelry." All were touted as being sold for the "best prices."


While shopping online, there are so many options to choose from. Replica Chanel bags, replica Chanel watches, fake chanel earrings, and other Chanel knockoff accessories are being unscrupulously marketed to consumers without authorization to do so. Offers of 80% off discounts, cheap and wholesale pricing, 100% returns and exchanges, free shipping, and top quality are often promised by disreputable knockoff and counterfeit dealers. Not only will the consumer be right to expect a low price for fakes, but also correct in knowing that the purchase will be of low quality with a possible defective or displeasing product.

Consumers should be on guard at all times, and know that curiosity or adventure is no way to venture into a deal with a counterfeit seller online. Likely, nothing good will come out of a purchase of a replica.

CHANEL CC Jewelry - Gold Bracelet - Not A Replica

Replicas could put a whole in your wallet, as the knockoff will probably be a waste of money. Replicas could also erode our economic system. Replica Chanel handbags and replica Chanel wallets are also not good for our society, or our culture. And to top it all off, replicas are poorly made, which means they can also be bad for your pocketbook. Replicas could put a whole in your wallet, as the knockoff will probably be an absolute waste of money. There are no reasons to buy something that is so poorly made that it can fall apart in just a few weeks, and ethically it’s a vacuum.

Look for authorized dealers, either in authorized department stores or the official website where you can be sure the quality is guaranteed at all times. promotes updating our wardrobes with originals of the wondrously executed creations by CHANEL, and frowns upon knockoffs, fakes and replicas which lack the essence of extravagant luxury. Replicas would never be allowed into our closets or worn.

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