The former store owners and operators of Chanel-Replica were found to be selling replica goods in violation of numerous Federal laws of the United States of America. A Court ordered the former owners to expeditiously transfer this domain name out of their ownership and control, coupled with being ordered damages to be paid of more than $756,000.00.

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Where Can I Buy Replica Chanel Watches?

CHANEL Black J12 Watch Not A Replica

The first thing to know is that replica Chanel watches are illegal products. A replica watch is an illegal copy of the original. Specifically, what makes them illegal is that they are manufactured and sold without permission from the owner of the authentic watch. Designs, logos, marks and other intellectual property which are used on them breach anti-counterfeit laws. Some jurisdictions are pushing for making buying a replica a criminal act as well, implying large fines and jail time for anyone who is caught buying them.

So to answer the question about where to buy a replica watch, the answer is that it really doesn't matter if you do the right thing and simply avoid buying them. To keep peace of mind, it is best to stay away from them.

Where Do Replica Chanel Watches Come From?

Replica Chanel watches are not CHANEL products. They originate from crime syndicates who have decided to fund their illegal activities by making profits from the illegal business of manufacturing and selling fake watches. A majority of the fake watches are made in China from cheap materials by lower skilled workers in order to sustain lower prices.

News sources have reported that at least 70% of seized counterfeit goods now come from China. There appears to be an upward trend in the number of counterfeits coming out of the region. Since the 1990's, international companies began outsourcing manufacturing to China. Before long, corporate espionage, bribery and theft by counterfeiters led to access to company product information. Design theft and the need to protect company information played a big role in necessitating high security measures at many of these overseas factories. These newer and more robust security precautions eventually removed opportunities to penetrate company firewalls and safeguards. Many counterfeiters have now resorted to buying the authentic, disassembling it by hand and forming templates on which to base the production of fakes.

Criminal organizations get the money from each replica sold, which means that the original designer does not see any of it. Buying a replica supports crime. Buying the original supports the designer who actually created the product and rightly deserves both the money and the recognition.

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